As a result of our disciplined approaches to program/project management, Quality Assurance and Quality Control are built into all our services and deliverables. All programs and projects have clearly defined milestones with metrics, whether those milestones are repetitive, such as in the delivery of standard courses, or sequential, which is the case in development projects.

For example, to illustrate repetitive service milestones, our help desk services have response and issue resolution times they must meet each day. On the other hand, if we are developing new courseware, each step in the development process has gates that the process must go through, with clearly defined metrics defining if that gate has been cleared or not. Program deliverables, such as courseware updates, are subject to passing rigorous high standards of quality throughout the updating process.

In addition, Team LOUi, where appropriate, will use Integrated Project Teams (IPTs) to help manage projects, with QA/AC as standards members of those teams, who are responsible for tracking and reporting on quality throughout the program/project life-cycle. The IPTs also have additional benefits because they create buy-in from both Government and Team LOUi that allows accountability and meshes the responsibility throughout the team. This positions the team for success by allowing each member to draw upon each other’s strengths and facilitates communications across functions, as well as between the Team LOUi and the Government.