October 1, 2015 - LOUi Consulting Group, Inc. began today working on a 5-year GSA IT-70 task order providing medical software development for Keesler AFB, Medical Center. "M" programming (formerly MUMPS) provides for custom queries and analysis of CHCS. CHCS I is a health care management system that integrates information from various subsystems to assist inpatient care for military personnel. This complex healthcare system was designed as a modular system with a common database and file interface that is used at each Military medical treatment facility (MTF) to maintain administrative and medical information related to patient care. CHCS is also part of DoD's overall Clinical Information System Suite which entails: AHLTA, Essentris, Composite Health Care System (CHCS I), Dragon Naturally Speaking (DNS), As-U-Type, Spectacle Request Transmission System (SRTS) and many other software solutions used in support of the military Electronic Health Record (EHR) software.

This contract was awarded competitively under GSA RFQ1007112.
LOUi Consulting Group, Inc. is a leading Medical Information Technology provider with employees worldwide providing DoD Electronic Health Record systems sustainment and training support.
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