Commemorative Erich Brown MIJO Coin

12 July 2013
CEO Elias L. Rodriguez left for Rota, Spain on Friday, July 12, 2013 to pay a site visit to Naval Hospital Rota.

The purpose of the visit was two-fold: first, to pay respects to a fallen MIJO, Mr. Eric K. Brown, who passed away of natural causes on April 16th, 2013 and second, to pay a courtesy visit to the site employees. Mr. Rodriguez was picked up by Lola Brown (wife) and taken to CIS Trainer, Terrence Trammell’s home where Mr. Rodriguez was welcomed with a BBQ picnic and some Spanish guitar playing by the neighbors. Enrique Brown (son) also played the box drum in accompany.

On Saturday, Mr. Rodriguez visited with the Brown family members and toured the beautiful community. Saturday evening featured a beachside Commemorative MIJO Coin presentation (with translating assistance from Commander (Bryan Buchannan and Lola Brown) where Mr. Rodriguez presented a serialized MIJO Coin to each family member in honor of Mr. Erich K. Brown. Mr. Brown is survived by Lola Brown (Wife), Enrique Brown (Son), Erica Brown (daughter) and Tara (Brown) Berman (Daughter) who lives in the United States.

Sunday featured a fishing trip to the strait of Gibraltar where two (very large) tuna got away.

On Monday, July 15, 2013, Mr. Rodriguez paid a courtesy visit to the site Commanding Officer and Executive Officer as well as other leadership throughout the hospital. Feedback from the site visit was very positive as LOUI continues to provide EHR training and technical support. The hospital tour was followed by a round of golf at the base course.

Tuesday’s visit included a tour of Cadiz and some shopping for some local favorite food including wine, oil, vinegar and some cheese.

Mr. Rodriguez departed Rota via Madrid on Wednesday, July 18.

I want to thank Lola and the rest of the Brown family for their warm reception and allowing me to share a moment of reflection and learn through the family, what a great man Erich K. Brown truly was.

-Elias Rodriguez -President / CEO – LOUI Consulting Group, Inc.