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BY: Elias Rodriguez, President/Owner Loui Consulting Group

June 15, 2018 – Warner Robins, GA LOUi Consulting Group HQ

It has been a long time since we first recognized that the overuse of Antibiotics was creating superbugs and making modern medicine less effective.

The Executive Office of the President of the United States issued a Presidential Decision Directive (NSTC-7) in 1996 stating, "the national and international system of infectious disease surveillance, prevention, and response is inadequate to protect the health of United States citizens from emerging infectious diseases." (*Source)

As a result, the DoD established the Global Emerging Infections Surveillance and Response System (DoD-GEIS).

As part of the DoD-GEIS, DHA recently published a Request For Information (RFI) to solicit vendors who are capable of providing Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) surveillance and mapping services.

The vendor would utilize multiple toolsets required to obtain health data from around the world and map microbial trends globally.

A key goal would be to incorporate previously untapped data sources.

As such, it is speculated that the introduction of Artificial Intelligence such as IBM Watson could have a material impact on the way we track health issues globally.

I certainly hope DHA is getting this one right.

It would seem to me that not only one vendor should be awarded such a contract, but perhaps a multi-award, allowing for innovation to flow freely across the enterprise and inspire innovation that could literally one day, save the world!